Welcome to The Balance In Motion Home Page We have been serving clients in the Kentuckianna area for over 22 years. We are now located within the Office of Kuperus Family Chiropractic  7410 New Lagrange Road Suite 202 Louisville KY 40222

Please Note Sherri's practice has now shifted to focusing on  her pediatric clients. any one wanting their children to see Sherri will need to schedule through Dr Rachaels office. 502-426-6715

Chris Maintains a private practice focusing on Therapeutic Massage, Craniosacral Therapy and Abdominal Pelvic Massage for both male and female clients.

What is an Abdominal Pelvic Massage? AKA Maya Abdominal Massage or Visceral Massage? Abdominal Massage/pelvic massage is a gentle non-invasive, external massage, which focuses on the contents of the abdominal or viscera and pelvic region of the body. It may include low back upper thighs and other areas of the body. It is beneficial for both males and females of all ages. Although this work is focused on the abdominal region of the body the effects can be felt throughout the body. During a session the nervous, muscular and connective tissue systems and the movement of fluids blood and lymph and energy are addressed in order to enhance organ function, body awareness posture and breath.

Abdominal Pelvic Massage is helpful for folks who challenges include;  

Breathing, Digestive, Elimination & Reproductive system disorders.

A few of the conditions, which this work may be helpful for:

Women: Painful PMS, Fertility issues, Endometriosis, Menstrual Pain, Ovulation Pain. 

Digestive and elimination difficulties, Bowel Obstructions, G.E.R.D Gastro esophageal Reflux Disease, IBS Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Gall Bladder Congestion and or Stones, Diverticulosis(itis), Crohns Disease, Heartburn, Constipation, Displace or Prolapsed Organs, Hemorrhoids, Congestion in the pelvic region, Post Surgical Scar Tissue and Adhesions, Low Back Pain, Frequent Urination.