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Young Adults

As adults we get massages for relief stress and pain and to aid in recovery from injuries, can our young adults benefit from these same healthy habits? Of course they can!  There are many pressures and pains for many young adults in our society today. From bullies, body image struggles, peer pressure, long school day schedules, carrying heavy back packs filled with books and computers, sports and extracurricular activities can all take their toll on a young body.

While it is true a younger person does recover from injuries quicker than older people, massage can ensure the body is healing correctly when injured. Massage can improve a persons body image and take the stress and pressure off young people. Massage can help correct postural deviations and help form healthy life long habits. Chris and Sherri both work with a lot of these young folks. 

Sherri Lowe Hughes, LMT, CST uses Craniosacral Therapy which is a very gentle non-invasive, non-painful type of hands on treatment to address many soft tissue dysfunctions and traumas which are present in many of today’s children. She has over 18 years of experience working with children with many types of needs, including colic, abnormal head shape, tongue and lip tie revisions, constipation, Autism, Down ’s syndrome, Post Concussive Syndrome, Anxiety and many more.

Massage and bodywork techniques maybe useful for children for headaches, backaches, growing  pains & constipation.

During a session children remain fully clothed and are allowed to lie down and rest or sleep, be held by Sherri or a parent or may move around and play with the many toys in Sherri’s office. Children do not need to hold still for this treatment to be effective.  Sherri adapts her  assessment and treatment techniques according to each child’s needs. A typical session for a child takes about a half an hour.Sherri also teaches parents easy techniques to use to continue aiding their child’s health and care at home.